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OSCAR DEVELOPERS are Top Real Estate Developers In BANGALORE, that strives to offer outstanding value for investors and creative alternatives for home buyers. We work together to rejuvenate towns through our ecologically responsible building, providing a synergistic blend of culture, technology, and nature. Customer satisfaction and sustainable development are our top priorities. Critical elements in real estate deals are identified by us thanks to our extensive industry expertise and astute monitoring of an area’s development. Our goal is to assist you establish a joyful and prosperous living environment that is specifically tailored to your needs by combining our expertise and commitment with your real estate experience for investors and creative alternatives for property buyers.




OSCAR DEVELOPERS is led by Mr. S Karthik, who is venturing into the domain of visionary leadership. Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. S. Karthik, is a hands-on manager who has a steadfast dedication to quality. Since 2008, Mr. S Karthik—a demonstrated leader in his own right—has refined his abilities under the direction of strong mentors.

His success can be ascribed to his persistent dedication to the management style, which guarantees perfection in every project. He started the process of creating the first project ever in 2018. Through this project, they gave each client the best experience possible by using the best materials and the highest standards of workmanship. Mr. S. Karthik’s dedication to excellence allows us to produce remarkable results and cultivate long-lasting client connections. He paves the way for an amazing adventure with OSCAR DEVELOPERS in his capacity as Chairman and Managing Director.


Finding an ideal land for residential plots in Bangalore’s busy metropolis is no easy task, hence OSCAR DEVELOPERS was established with the specific goal of providing elegant residential plots. Our ability to recognize Desirable areas and new hotspots is a result of our in-depth knowledge of the Bangalore real estate industry. We provide our clients lots of options by offering a broad variety of plot selections to fit every need and budget.

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